A Little Something About Me…..

My name is Jesica and I am the mom of four amazing children between the ages of one and twelve.  I hardly ever sleep, I drink way too much coffee and I can sneak a chocolate bar in the laundry room like a highly skilled ninja.  I am the mom at playgroup who will share an eye roll with you when another mom is bragging about her six month old who is fluent in three languages. I try to laugh as much as possible on this crazy, stressful, beautiful, painful, uplifting and exhausting trip called “parenthood” and I hope you can join me in a chuckle or two. Or at least some chocolate, ninja style in the laundry room…..

2 thoughts on “A Little Something About Me…..

  1. So happy that you finally decided to share your parenting witticisms with a larger audience Jesi! Laugher is the best medicine for stressful times and just reading your “A little something about me…” had me chuckling and lifted some of the heaviness of a hectic day! Thank you Jesi!!

  2. I’m so happy to find your witty and very real humor about parenting. Baby number one is on the way, and it’s such a relief to find humor and acceptance in the very likely event that my child and myself are not perfect every second of the day! As I say goodbye to my toes, and smile politely at the many people who tell me I’m either shockingly small or large for this stage, laughter will save the day. Thank you!

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